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    Sleep Naked – The Proven Benefits

    The theory of losing weight without any effort is almost too good to be true.
    But there’s no need to doubt anymore! Researchers have discovered that sleeping naked, in cold temps could actually help you drop fat and speed up your metabolism.
    There are many other unexpected health benefits of sleeping naked along with weight loss that you probably have never even thought about. From improved hormonal balance and mood to losing belly fat, having more sex and getting a better night’s sleep, the list goes on.
    Here are some of the incredible benefits you can expect from sleeping naked!
    1. Escalates Anti-Aging Hormones
    When your body is too warm, it inhibits the release of important anti-aging hormones, melatonin and growth hormone. If you can, sleep in total darkness and cooler temperatures (below 70 degrees). Less or no jammies and just a sheet will increase your natural cooling ability and allow anti-aging hormones to do their thing.
    2. Better Repair Of Skin, Muscles And Bones
    HGH (growth hormone) is imperative for skin, muscle and bone repair and growth for optimum healthy body composition.
    3. Improves Sleep
    The truth is, you need at least 8 hours of sleep for your body to rejuvenate itself. Without proper sleep, research shows that you run the risk for diabetes and heart disease. Also, cortisol and hunger hormones spike, causing an increase in insulin, leading to a down-regulation of fat burning and appetite controlling hormones.
    When you ditch the blankets and pj’s, you don’t wake up as much and you get a much better, deeper sleep. You wake up in the morning much more refreshed and rested.
    4. Increases Brown Body Fat
    Research shows that brown fat produces up to 300 times more heat than regular fat. Cold temperatures may help make more of this good fat.
    Brown fat is loaded with mitochondria. This gives cells energy by turning calories into heat by burning lipids. Brown fat is most abundant in babies and, as we age, we tend to lose it.
    Researchers have found a direct link from turning down your thermostats and kicking off the covers and pajamas to causing brown fat to go up and white fat to go down the colder you get. Brown fat can be found in the upper body (neck, chest and shoulders). White fat is found in the middle section and thighs.
    Researchers are still working on whether or not the heat in the house is affecting fat loss. You typically rely on outside sources for heat and cooling instead of the body’s natural thermostat and its ability to control itself. Change this up and it will make the natural functions of your body grow stronger.
    5. Reduces Cortisol And Belly Fat
    When your body cools down at night, HGH increases and cortisol will decrease with proper sleep patterns. Proper cortisol helps you prepare for the next day, supports your adrenal glandsand helps you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day’s events.
    Having a high cortisol level causes an increase in blood pressure, weakens the immune system, disrupts sleep patterns and causes imbalances in other hormones in connection to PMS, infertility, thyroid and blood sugar.
    6. Releases Oxytocin
    Oxytocin is your “feel-good-get-it-on” hormone. Sleeping in the nude increases your confidence and counteracts stress and depression, because it directly affects the production of cortisol and reduces high blood pressure. All that is needed to attain and increase the benefits is a little skin to skin touching with massage, caressing, cuddling, intimacy and intercourse. Oxytocin is also proven to increase gut health and intestinal inflammation.
    7. Boosts Metabolism
    Research has found that having a cooler body temperature at night allows brown fat to burn anywhere from 300-400 calories per day. That paired with an active, healthy lifestyle will increase your fat loss and help boost metabolism.
    So, what are you waiting for? Sleep naked! Give yourself the love and comfort you deserve.

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