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    How to Make the Avocado Art That Instagram Is Obsessed With

    Millennials catch a lot of flack for our love of $15 avocado toast, especially when we can’t pay off our student loans. If you find yourself eating canned soup for dinner because your wallet recently took an avocado-related hit, put the bowl down. You don’t have to compromise any longer.
    You can have your toast and Instagram it too with these seven DIY tutorials — including how to make a pixelated avocado and how to turn an avocado into a rose — brought to you by food blogger Sarah J. Gim of The Delicious Life. So put your Pinterest hat on, grab a sharp knife and get ready to seriously impress yourself with these gorgeous works of avocado art. (Just remember to slice responsibly.)


    These avocado wiffle balls add a touch of whimsy to any dish. To make them, nick the stem end of a firm, ripe avocado and carefully peel it like an orange. Using a small melon baller, carve out little avocado balls. Sprinkle the avocado balls with flaky sea salt or black sesame seeds. And don’t forget this essential, final step before you dig in: Snap a pic of your creation and post it on Instagram


    Like your own heart, this avocado dish is meant to be shared. Start by halving four avocados. Next, thinly slice each avocado half lengthwise and gently fan out the slices. Shape the avocado fans into a heart on a serving platter or gigantic piece of toast.


    You can get really creative with this preparation by choosing to either roll up each slice into a cool twist or layer the slices like pasta. All you need to do is grab a vegetable peeler and “shave” long ribbons of avocado, then you can either plate the ribbons or roll each one into an architectural spiral.


    This delicate, rose-inspired preparation is sure to impress your friends (and followers). Start by peeling a ripe avocado half. Place the cut side down on a cutting board, then thinly slice crosswise (not lengthwise). Gently press on either side of the avocado to “spread” the slices into a long, caterpillar-like shape. Roll from the smaller top end of the avocado outward to make a rose shape.


    This genius play on doughnuts marries two California favorites: sushi and avocado. Start by placing seasoned sushi rice in a doughnut mold, then turn out the rice doughnuts onto a serving plate. Then simply top them with sliced fish, cucumber and avocado.


    This cool avocado toast will take you back to the glorious days when 8-bit computer graphics ruled. Peel and place the cut side of half an avocado down on a cutting board. Make paper-thin slices lengthwise first, then turn the cutting board and make paper-thin crosswise slices. The center where the pit was will collapse down toward the cutting board a little, creating the perfect retro 3-D effect. Check out our video below for a walk-through!


    This one is tricky, so pay attention. Cut an avocado in half lengthwise. Keep the skin and pit intact and in place for easier handling. Using a tiny, very sharp scalpel, start to make near-microscopic diagonal cuts into the avocado, following a pattern across the surface. Make a few cuts too deep. Keep cutting. Make a few cuts too wide. Stop. Your avocado is ugly. Eat your shredded avocado mess and post @gakugakugakugaku1’s insane Thai-carved avocado instead.


    Will you be making any of these gorgeous avocado preparations? Which one is your favorite? How much money do you spend every month on avocados and avo toast (including the extra charge for guac)? Share in the comments section

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