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    Women Must Stop Ignoring These 5 Signs of Breast Cancer

    In the UK, a study was conducted and concluded that 1 in every 6 women in America reports a symptom of breast cancer to their physician. 

    It’s visible with a lump in the breast tissue, and sometimes a lump isn’t there. During annual check-ups, women would find out through that, that they had breast cancer. It was unexpected as no one knew how to notice these symptoms that show visible signs of early staged breast cancer. It’s imperative that women see this and memorize the symptoms and signs of breast cancer. 

    New Moles or Strange Change in an Existing Mole

    Studies have concluded that women with moles were likely to have a 13% increased risk of breast cancer, than those who have none. Of this type, it’s a clear indicator. You should examine any changes or new moles with your physician.

    Hoarse Throat and Annoying Cough

    Its been found that breast cancer can grow to the lungs, which can lead to a hoarse throat and a persistent cough. In recent statistics, about 60-70 percent of cancer patients metastasizes to their lungs, inducing a dry coughing spell and problems with breathing. 

    Irregular Bladder Movement and Bowel

    Most cancers come with these warning signs, and women who have this cancer, experience hormone imbalances. These hormone imbalances weigh up to incontinence and the drying of the urethra. You could leak out urine just by coughing, exercising, laughing, and sneezing. With all of this, women will have the need to urinate constantly while taking longer than usual. 

    Unexplained Fatigue and Tiredness

    Patients with breast cancer will feel tired even when waking up from sleeping. It often leads to strange pains and depression, as well. Shockingly, the chemical imbalance in your body from cancer, can trigger it with the slightest bit of work or exercise. 

    Unexplained Pain in the Back

    Studies have concluded that breast cancer is responsible for back pain. People will feel pressure on the spine and ribs that work its way to the upper back area. When thinking, avoid jumping from conclusions, and visit your doctor to examine you. It’s important for women to be aware of these 5 signs of breast cancer.

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