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    One Oil That Will Stop Your Hair Fall and Grow Thick Long Hair

    Castor oil has been a roll lately, as it gains more exposure as a natural treatment option for a wide variety of problems, but today we're here to tell you how great it can be for your hair.

    When applied to your scalp, castor oil's great antibacterial and antifungal properties work together to fight dandruff, folliculitis, and scalp infections. 

    It can also help boost hair growth, which is especially beneficial as we age and our hair thins.

    We recommend diluting it to make it easier to use; our favorite way to do so is to mix it in equal quantities with coconut oil, which is also great for healthy, rich hair. 

    Once mixed with coconut oil, we recommend massaging it into your hair and scalp. Let sit for an hour before rinsing and washing out; repeat twice weekly.

    And if split ends are your problem, even massaging just a few drops of your coconut oil - castor oil mixture into those split ends or other areas of frizzy or dry hair can go a long way, especially if you leave it in overnight.

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