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    11 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should Never Put In Your Mouth Again

    We all know that cancer is terrible, and we know that there are lifestyle changes that can help reduce our cancer risk, but often all of that information can seem overwhelming. 

    Check out these tips - 11 cancer-causing foods to avoid!

    1. BPA lined foods

    BPA is often found in hard plastics that are used in food storage. Unfortunately, BPA has been linked repeatedly to cancer; unless a canned items is labeled BPA free, avoid it.

    2. Cured and smoked foods

    Nitrates act as preservatives and add color, but also increase your risk of cancer.

    3. Farmed fish

    Courtesy overcrowding and antibiotics and more, farmed fish are far more likely to contain chemical pollutants than wild fish.

    4. Grilled meat

    Grilling meat increases your exposure to carcinogens, which attach to the food itself. Ouch!

    5. Hydrogenated oils

    Also known as trans fats, their chemical structure has been altered. That's never good.

    6. Microwave popcorn

    The bags are actually the problem, as their lined with all sorts of chemicals that can cause cancer. Better off to make your own!

    7. Non-organic fruits & vegetables

    If it's not organic, it may well be a GMO; even if it's not a GMO, though, it's likely been exposed to all sorts of cancer-causing chemicals.

    8. Processed foods

    Processed means additives and preservatives means chemicals - many of which have been linked to cancer. Not good!

    9. Refined sugars

    Cancer cells love sugar - and refined sugars have been linked to all sorts of other health issues, too.

    10. Soda or sports drink

    Can you say high fructose corn syrup?

    11. Sugar

    Again, cancer cells thrive on sugar - cut it out of your diet, and see immediate changes!

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