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    We know that chemicals and toxins are not good for your garden and your plants, therefore, you should avoid them.You can find them in every agricultural pharmacy and they are very cheap and they have detrimental effect on your health. If you have healthy garden and healthy, natural plants in it you can use only natural ways to grow your plants.
    We recommend you one natural way for your garden and we are sure that you have this ingredient in your kitchen. This ingredient is white vinegar. You can find in every store and we will help you if you read a lot of benefits of white vinegar.
    1. Remove Weed – If you like clean and impressive garden you should spray pure white vinegar on your walls and your walkways on your garden and get rid of the weed. This is so simple and effective.
    2. Getting Rid of Garden Bugs – Take a spray bottle and put in it one part of vinegar, one teaspoon of dishwashing cleaner and three parts of water, than shake it. Spray with this mixture in your garden and getting rid of garden bugs.
    3. Remove snails – Spray with white vinegar in your garden and you will keep the snails out.
    4. Remove rust from garden tools – Apply white vinegar on your tools and sprinkle them for few minutes. After few minutes you should rinse them very well. In this way you can remove rush from your garden tools.
    5. Fight the fungus – Take a bowl and add 2 teaspoons of vinegar and chamomile tea. Mix them together and pour in spray bottle. You should spray on your plants and save your plants from dark spots on the stems and leaves. After this your plants will grow well.

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