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    Captivating Photos Of People Living In The Wilderness Will Inspire You To Go Off-Grid

    A photographer traveled to Russia and Ukraine to document the hermits that live in self-imposed exile. These images are enchanting…

    While the idea of living off-grid might seem like an exciting one, it certainly isn’t for everyone. In the depths of the wilderness, the relative comforts society readily offers cannot be found. Instead, one is left to fend for themselves by utilizing primitive techniques and, occasionally, renewable energy resources.

    Of course, some individuals – such as these people – do thrive in the wild. Away from the distraction of politics, technological toys, and superficial conundrums dreamt up by the masses, one can sink into the tune of the forest and delight in some of life’s simple pleasures.

    It’s the desire to live in total solitude and never return to modern life that inspired Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko to visit Russia and Ukraine and photograph some of the hermits living in self-imposed exile.

    The artist shared with MyModernMet that her work raises questions about what identity truly means when one is forced to live how society tells us to. She says:

     School, work, family – once in this cycle, you are a prisoner of your own position. You should be pragmatic and strong, or become an outcast or a lunatic. How to remain yourself in the midst of this?

    Do people feel compelled to go off-grid to escape the constraints of modern-day society? This is one of the photographer’s questions and the photos below hint at what its answer might be…

    Captivating Photos Of People Living In The Wilderness Will Inspire You To Go Off-Grid

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