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    By Eating 2 Bananas Daily For A Month, This Will Happen!

    You may know that bananas are really good for you, but we bet you had no idea they were this amazing! Read on to learn more about the super rad benefits bananas can offer!

    Most people avoid brown bananas, but some research has shown that they may actually be the healthiest. 

    Check out all of the additional benefits bananas can offer:

    • Heart health. Bananas are good for your heart!
    • Energy. Bananas are rich in low gycemic index carbs, and the potassium is great for preventing muscle cramps.
    • Anemia. Bananas can help with red blood cell production, helping fight anemia.
    • Ulcers. Bananas are one of those foods that shouldn't ever irritate a stomach ulcer.
    • Depression. Bananas may also help fight depression - talk about a super food!

    So start eating more bananas, and watch your health improve almost immediately!

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