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    9 Things To Avoid While Having Sex

    To improve your sex life, learn about the no-no's. Avoid disrespecting boundaries by asking if you can do something new. Don't forget to talk about birth control or to check the condom during sex. To enhance your connection, don't ignore "normal" body parts and kissing. Biting is best when your partner is aroused, so do wait a bit. Avoid dropping your body weight on your partner, pretending sex is porn, and staying quiet. These habits will make things uncomfortable and awkward.
    There isn’t one right way to have sex. Different strokes for different folks, as they say. Regardless, if you want to fuel the fire, you should always avoid certain things.
    These tips don’t have to do with specifics. Instead, they focus on the general interactions between you and your partner. You can personalize the approach from there.
    From safety to connection, this guide will save your sex life. Learn about the nine things you should never do during sex.

    1. Not Respecting Boundaries

    Everyone handles sex in different ways. After all, sex is very personal. It doesn’t matter if you’re the same age or have a lot in common.
    Before trying something new, ask if it’s OK. This is even more important if you have a new partner. By asking first, it’ll show respect for both the person and his/her boundaries.

    2. Not Agreeing On Birth Control

    If you’re not planning to get pregnant, this conversation is a must. Double check that you’re on the same page. Be clear about your preferred method, whether it’s a condom or a pill.

    3. Not Checking The Condom

    During sex, periodically check the condom. The last thing you want is a rip to go unnoticed. Make sure it’s secure and, well, still there!
    If not, you’ll increase the risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Learning the right way to use a condom is crucial.1
    Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment. But taking the time – an entire two seconds – will be worth the effort.

    4. Not Kissing

    Kissing is simple yet intimate. Make it a habit to regularly kiss your partner, even if you’re in a strange position. It’ll bring you that much closer together.

    5. Ignoring “Normal” Body Parts

    Obviously, sex focuses on private areas. But don’t forget about other parts beyond the genitals.
    OK, so maybe the neck doesn’t seem very romantic. Yet, a gentle touch fuels a loving connection. Other body parts to focus on include the wrists, stomach, and knees.

    6. Biting Too Soon

    For some, biting might be a huge turn-on, but there’s a time and a place. Wait until your partner is aroused and ready. If you bite too soon, it’s just painful and annoying. This is also downright uncomfortable! Instead, listen to your partner’s body. If you’re not sure, ask.

    7. Dropping All Your Weight On Your Partner

    Whether you’re a male or a female, this is important. You need to let your partner breathe!
    It matters even if you’re on the smaller side. For example, pay attention to where you put your arms and legs. Accidentally leaning on a partner’s neck won’t be pretty.

    8. Pretending Sex Is Porn

    Be careful with this one. Remember, porn is the farthest thing from real life. Treating intercourse like a porn video can make things pretty awkward.
    Of course, if you’re on the same page, then go for it. But don’t assume before you really know someone.

    9. Staying Quiet

    You don’t have to make a scene, but it’s a good idea to avoid silence. This is exactly how you will communicate with your partner.
    When something feels good, speak up. Even a light moan will do if you’re uncomfortable with actually talking.
    If you’re sexually active, keep this list in mind. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable doing. At the same time, give your partner the same respect.

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