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    How to motivate yourself

    Self-motivation is almost everyone needed to fulfill the definition of goals, desires and movements. To be persistent in its path we must have self-motivation.

    How do we do that?

    Maybe you have not paid attention, but much expressions has the prefix “self”, as an example: self-healing, self-motivation, self-esteem, which further implies that all comes from us. What we are experiencing every day as our destiny is actually coming from within us.
    Motivation is to have the desire to achieve, accomplish, do something and from this we come to the self-motivation to fulfill a desire. Mother Teresa in her notes wrote: “God does not grant infeasible desire”. If you want to bring something into your life, be richer for some experience, tangible or intangible, you should respect that desire and be aware that it should be yours, and the motivation will lead us to achieve that desire.
    Perhaps one of the shortest advice is – to simplify your life. Make a list of things you want to achieve, accomplish, get, have. First of all, every morning before we wake up we decide what kind of world we live today. You choose it by yourself no matter how much you think that other people make it. You can choose on what you will focus your attention at the morning. Learn how to choose your day in accordance with yourself.
    Ask yourself what inspires you, what motivates you, what makes you alive. Consciously fulfill your days and navigate through your desires. We usually think of what we have not done that day but we thought that we should. Most of us are hurt when we do not fulfill our own goals. We are focusing much more to what we did not do than what we actually did.
    Many of us think that they must be original and not realize that we should be creative instead of original. Mozart itself said that he never composed any fully composition, but that his compositions were a mix of old ethnic compositions. Regardless of that, his skills and creativity came to “light”. Do not get sad if you cannot achieve something only because you think it has to be 100% original.
    Motivate yourself using examples from others. Read biographies of “giants”, and you will quickly find out that you can be one of them.


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