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    Homemade cream anti-wrinkle -the Greeks are using more than 2000 years

    Make your own cream from naturally ingredients after Greeks recipe old 2000 years. 
    For this recipe you need:
    – one tablespoon organic honey
    – 8 tablespoons shredded wax honey
    – 200ml almond oil
    – Half a cup of rose water
    You need to make it on low heat, first you need to is melt the honey, the wax and the almond oil. When this all get together and melted remove the mixture from the quiet fire and let it cool but not completely.
    Rose water add to the mixture drop by drop and meanwhile constant stir.
    When the mixture is finally together, place it in glass containers but when it’s totally cold.
    This preparation contained can be used for makeup removal or anti-wrinkle cream.

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