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    DIY Creative & Lovely Garden in a Teacup

    Hey dear friends, gardeners and people who dream to live in modern house. If you are do it yourself lover, you like to do some crafts, stay where you are!!! You really need to read this blog and to see the hereinafter images. What we decided to show you for this day is how to make DIY creative & lovely garden in a tea cup.

    We all dream to have garden and to plan the flowers. But we all don’t have this opportunity. Many of us leave in apartment or maybe don’t have yard. This is the main  reason why people don’t plant any type of flowers. But actually, you could take care for one small but very cute garden And you could take care for that right in your home. Or, maybe if you have balcony you could create more than one tea cup gardens. Are you ready to beautify your home? If yes, find the old tea cups that you have at home, wash it and reuse it. And you could do this during the cold days. This is how you could spend your extra free time during the winter.
    Come one, be smart and reuse the old kitchen stuff. You sure have some old unused tea cups. Reuse it to create very good looking garden in a tea cup. For the end, I invite you to see the images and to decide are you ready to try doing this???


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