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    What color are your eyes? They can tell a lot about your personality…

    Eyes are the most beautiful part of the human body. Because their color depends on the genetic endowment, it is not surprising that psychologists have been able to link personality traits with this distinctiveness.

    Here is a brief guide on what your eye color can mean.

    Blue eyes

    They say that this is the most desirable color. People with blue eyes have a youthful spirit. People with blue eyes are charming and attractive. Blue eyes bring spontaneity and energy.

    Brown eyes

    They will never give up the fight and to prove that they are the best. They are very compassionate. They love adventure and meeting new people. They are temperamental. Get out of the way when they are angry.

    They’re beautiful and elegant.

    Green eyes

    People with green eyes are energetic and creative. Intelligence is their strong suit, and they are passionate. They are appealing and love to entertain people.

    Black eyes

    People with black eye are rare. They are lively and full of passion. They will never lets you down. People with black eyes are not patient.

    Gray eyes

    People with gray eyes are born leaders. They are very strong personalities and have a strong energy. They have strange character and are always busy working. Always have something to do.

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