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    Top 5 Plants That Lower The Level of Stress Hormones

    Stress is a response mechanism of our body and mind to something that upsets their natural balance. This response to stressful situations has its origin to ancient times when life was a constant fight for survival. A good example of a stressful situation is the way you react when you are terrified of something or are in imminent danger. Constant exposure to stress can exhaust your physical power and cause chronic weariness, loss of appetite or overeating, as well as other reactions.

    At the same time, an imbalance of the immunological system is triggered and you are more prone to sicknesses. You are exposed to stressful situations when you feel an imbalance between your expectations in life and your ability to meet them face to face. Certain professions are exceptionally stressful, especially working on an assembly line or professions that require handling dangerous equipment. Certain events and circumstances that we have difficulties handling, by principle are stressful, such as overwork, financial trouble, loss of security or the threat of losing that same sense of security, fatalities, and divorces.

    High levels of cortisol, that is secreted by our adrenal gland, is a cause of distress for a lot of us. This hormone transforms the reserve energy in the organism into easily usable energy and activates the organism. Still, high cortisol levels can cause thyroid disorders, insomnia, obesity and a lot of other health disorders. In order to lower the level of cortisol in our bodies, certain plants can be beneficial:

    • Holy basil – researchers have shown that holy basil has anti-inflammatory, anti-stress, antidiabetic and antibiotic properties that can be consumed as a nutrient or as tea.

    • Ginseng – This plant has been used thousands of years in Asia for curative purposes. Recent research has shown that ginseng lowers mental stress, depression, and anxiety. Aside from that, it strengthens the immunological system and prevents neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

    • Withaniasomnifera, known commonly as ashwagandha– strengthens the immunological system, and eases down anxiety. It is very beneficial to insomniacs, because of its calming properties.

    • Natural licorice– This plant can increase our energy and lower the levels of cortisol in the organism. Still, people with high blood pressure shouldn’t use it without consulting a doctor beforehand.

    • Astragalus– This root has been traditionally used for boosting the immunological system. Many studies have confirmed that it lowers the levels of cortisol and acts as a stress reliever.


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