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    Here is why you should laugh more often

    Laughter makes us healthy, because it enriches our bloodstream with oxygen and helps eliminate stress. People often laugh – on average live seven years longer.

    Also there is evidence that laughter helps in burning calories and loud laughter that lasts ten minutes can burn between 10-40 calories. Laughter stimulates the diaphragm, which plays a key role in the bloodstream. Laughter is medicine for the body, strengthens our immune system. People who laugh often, have lower blood pressure than the average person. When you laugh breathing becomes deeper and thus the body gets more oxygen than usual. It also reduces the level of stress and reduces the chance of heart attack, and has a beneficial effect on digestion and absorption of nutrients from food. Laughter stimulates both sides of the brain and increases the efficiency of learning, receiving and processing information.

    If you laugh at yourself and your own life it shows that you have a healthy sense of humor, a sign that fully acknowledge and respect. Lack of sense of humor associated with a lack of confidence. Humour is important for mental health for many reasons. No connects with other people, it helps the negative emotions to be replaced with positive, changing behavior, and individuals who may very much better communicate verbally and non-verbally with others. While it is healthy, it is not always honest. Categorized into 4 categories should be distinguished:

    • Laughter “haha” is liberating laughter as they try to fit them and other people in society. Typical is open and happy people, who often have a strong physical construction;

    • Laughter “he-he” called sinister laugh and is typical of imprisoned people and those who hide their feelings. With them you feel like not being honest or how to wear a mask;

    • Laughter “hee hee” reveals cunning and called laughter with her mouth;

    • Laughter “ho, ho” reveals controlled surprise. In fact a fake laughter is used by people who do not trust the other people.

    Remember, you should often laugh and confront life with a smiling face. You have nothing to lose and get a lot.

    Source: http://healthmaintaining24-7.com

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