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    10 Tips To Make Your Groceries Last Longer

    Every year, consumers in developed countries waste as much food as the entire net food production of sub-Saharan Africa. That’s a lot of food waste.

    You probably know the sad feeling of throwing away spoiled food before you even got the chance to cook with it. To ensure you groceries stay fresh for longer, follow these simple, creative tricks.


    Raspberries and blueberries are packed in plastic boxes which have slits in the top and squares of paper in the bottom in order to absorb ethylene.

    Fruits rot faster due to the ethylene gas, so this package actually stops that gas from affecting the fruit.


    If you need tomato paste fast, all you should do is to pour your leftover paste into an ice cube tray for gradual use. After that, whenever you need it, you can take out a piece or two, heat it and it is ready for usage.


    In order to keep your celery fresh and crunchy, you should wrap it in tin foil first. This is also applicable to broccoli and lettuce.


    Make sure to keep your bread in a dry place, and what’s better than the microwave. Don’t keep it in the fridge because it will only make your bread stale and harden faster.

    Make sure to store the mushrooms in a brown paper bag and fold over the top, because in this way, the mushrooms will be dry and fresh as the brown paper deters moisture from ripening the mushroom.


    In order to keep it fresh, flip your cottage cheese upside down. This works because when the cottage cheese is the right side up, air leaks into the container and speeds up its ripening. On the other hand, when you flip the cheese outside down, you seal off any air holes.


    Clean fridge is essential if you want to keep your food fresh because the chemicals and residue of old food will infect and ripen your new food. This means you should wipe down your fridge on a regular basis in order to disinfect it ad deodorize the contents of your fridge.


    In order to prevent your food from spoiling too fast, you should store all your veggies and fruits in the freezer and use them whenever you need them.


    Just like flowers, you should place asparagus into a glass of water, cover the top of it with a plastic bag and then store it in the fridge. The reason why you should do this is because the asparagus will stay nourished through chemical adhesion and cohesion.


    One spoiled apple will spoil the rest of the apples because the spoiled one releases tones of ethylene gas. In order to prevent that, toss out the bad apple.

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