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    10 Tips how to wake up nice and rested

    10 Tips how to wake up nice and rested:

    Regardless of whether the morning you have an important business meeting or just have a desire to wake up without lids, circles and lines of sight … read tips that we found for you to look nice when you wake up as soon as you open your eyes.

    Basic care

    Get used to wash your face several hours before you lie down to sleep. If you wait you overcome fatigue and do not do, toxins and dirt will remain on you throughout the night, say dermatologists. You will miss the best time to care for your skin. At night, you will have better blood flow to the skin surface. Sleep on your back.

    Lying on your stomach will badly affect the beauty. On average head is heavy from seven to eight kilograms, so you will have a lot of pressure if you sleep in this position. Believe it or not, dermatologists can tell on which side you sleep on schedule wrinkles.

    Buy comfortable pillow

    It is best to get used to sleeping with your head elevated on pillows or two on top of the bed to add under the head wood or any hard surface with a thickness of 5 cm. Gravity helps to better flow of blood and lymph fluid, which during sleep are not collected in one place.

    Save money

    Do not waste your money on creams for under the eyes. Experts argue that if you have fully removed the make-apot and you are left smeared mascara face with simplest moisturizer will not have problems with sensitive place where wrinkles appear.

    Easy dinner

    To wake up naturally with rosy cheeks and healthy, not pale as a cloth, have a high protein foods with less sugar in the evening. Try salmon and Britta which are natural dieting. Skip rice, pasta and potatoes.

    Beautiful hairstyle

    To save curls or have a nice hair avoid cotton pillows, because in such fabrics have more friction. It is best to change the cushion with silk or satin, and if possible it is best to wrap hair in a satin scarf before bed.


    If you have irritating pimples that come out of the nose or cheeks, apply herbal mask that can stand for the whole night. Even in the morning when it dries you can wash it and then you will notice that you do not have excess fat on that part of his face.

    Nicer hair

    For greater volume of your hair before bedtime, necessary, wipe the fiber treatment for feeding the hair with which you can spend the night. In the morning when you wash you will notice how shiny and lush. If you do not have time for a haircut in perfumeries you can find soft rollers that soon will not you feel while sleeping.

    Drink water

    You need to drink eight glasses of water a day to be your skin hydrated enough. Before riots, here’s a way to make it even if you’re lazy and unmotivated. It is best in the morning to drink a large glass of water. Bag always bring your bottle of water, and drink often work under a – two sips. Sometimes you can replace and tea without sugar.

    No caffeine and alcohol in the late hours

    Don’t sleep after using stimulants and alcohol. Cut out the coffee in the late afternoon, and use fitness training three hours before the vacation and limit your alcohol intake to one cup at night.

    Source: http://healthmaintaining24-7.com

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